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I had the pleasure of interviewing the Danish crime writer Jussi Adler-Olsen for the Helsinki Crime Fiction Festival 2022. The recorded half hour interview will be shown at the festival on the 19th August and later on YouTube.

We discuss Jussi’s latest Department Q novel, Natrium Chloride (2022), his main characters, the themes in his work – and the destiny of the 10 part series that is drawing to a close. Mr. Adler-Olsen doesn’t lack charm or good stories, so I pity the guys who had to edit the screening to a suitable lenght…

Last, and for the first time, I met Mr. Adler-Olsen and his lovely wife Hanne was at their summer cottage somewhere in the Danish archipelago six years ago. Their house was so interesting that me & the photographer wished we would have been on an assignment for an interior design magazine and not a weekly!

Mrs. Hanne served us an immaculate Danish lunch feast with drinks and all while her husband kept us entertained with endless stories.

The obviously happy husband also told us each day starts with the spouses having breakfast together – and ends watching a film together. “A day without watching a film is a day wasted”, he said.

Couldn’t agree more.